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Wooga Feelgood Team

The Feelgood Team introduces itself

Janina Cussmann, Head of Feelgood

Lenka Kacikova, Steven Gilmore Feelgood manager – certain studios

Holly Mae Haddock, Employee Assistant Manager
Regularly talks to all Wooga employees to monitor interna mood while moderating and recommending solutions in culture conflict situations.

The team is also supported by Accommodation Manager Stefanie Bloch who assists with onboarding services and Wooga flats.

Wooga GmbH
Saarbrücker Str. 38
10405 Berlin


Angestellte: 250
Frauen: 62
Männer: 188
Durchschnittsalter: 31
Nationalitäten: 40

Why does Wooga have a Feelgood Team?
This ‘Feelgood’ approach typifies our approach to employee management and isn’t just a specific role in the company. Wooga has always had an international focus both in its products and in its internal makeup and that comes with certain responsibilities towards our employees. Moving from another country or city comes with its own unique set of pressures and the Feelgood approach is designed to support Woogas so that they can concentrate on their work. This support then extends to ensuring employees are motivated in the long term, aiding in long term retention.

Why you don’t use traditional HR Management to manage your people?
Traditional HR Management often follows strict administrative guidelines and can limit your actions. By working more closely with employees and listening to feedback, we are able to proactively recommend and act on solutions that work in the interest of both parties. Today, HR is an integral part of a company’s vision and path to success instead of an administrative process like it was a decade ago.

Since when did you have a Feelgood Team?
Almost two years.

What are the tasks of the Feelgood Team?
We support all of employees in a wide variety of matters. These can include:

Managing work permit issues for international employees

Housing & Relocation
Supporting employees as they relocate to

Integration & Connection
Arrange Mystery Lunches, Set up of Kitchen Gallery, Facebook Groups, Sport Groups, Quiz Nights + more

Arrange kindergarten placements, Baby Welcome package + more

Talent Retention
Provide each employee with a personal education budget, Feedback Culture

Other tasks:

  • Mediate in conflict situations
  • Arrange Team Events
  • Support Sport and Music Groups

Which competences can be found in the Feelgood Team?
Human Resources, Psychology and a wide range of other skills that help us work with other cultures and organize talent.

What is the baseline for measuring how successful your work is?
Employee satisfaction and employee retention.

What are the benefits for Wooga to have a Feelgood Team?

  • Attracting highly skilled people due to our inspiring and cooperaive work culture
  • Motivated, productive people
  • Happy Woogas :-)