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Important to Wooga are two things: staying small, and the kitchen. They may seem like random words, but for Wooga they make a lot of sense. Key to the work environment at Wooga is maintaining that feeling of a small organization, where everything matters and where everyone is working towards a common goal. It also happens to be a lot of fun, and that matters too, especially when making games.

The kitchen is also important. It’s the meeting point for the whole company, where everyone gets their morning cup of coffee or tea and where people go to have informal meetings on benches sandwiched between rows of plants.

This kind of get together attitude is rare in big companies. Careerism and rigid rulesets become more ingrained in work culture and getting back to this small and creative mindset can be very difficult. Wooga still faces those challenges as it’s headcount rises above 250, but they are very conscious of these common pitfalls and work everyday to avoid them.

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That small company feeling drives us all to the same goal. Everyone has responsibility for their work and for their product and that really motivates people to make the best games possible. Part of that decision making also involves which project to start and continue with. The team leads on each project have the final say on whether the game continues to a full launch or not, and if the project is stopped we cancel it. It’s a chance to reflect and learn and make an even better game the next time.

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„Having everyone at Wooga under one roof in Berlin means no evening conf calls or email ping pong outside office hours. That’s a great thing about working at Wooga and gives me the chance to have great balance with being efficient at the office and then busy with my wife and 2 sons.“
Antti HattaraHead of Studio
„I believe in hiring the right people and then trust them to do their job. That means that they can tell me what needs to be done and not the other way around.“
Jesper Richter-Empire HelmHead of Development
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The way people think about a professional career has changed enormously in the past ten years. Genuine participation plays an important role here. The way we work and the culture plays a huge role in attracting the most talented people and being able to keep them. Wooga is working in a global market and that’s why our comprised of a wide variety of nationalities from across the globe. There are 42 nations present at Wooga and we’re always looking to add to that.

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